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Hi, I am a mixed media artist with a passion for painting portraits of pets and people. I paint both traditionally in acrylic and ink on canvas or wood panel  as well as digitally on a computer.  The process is the same, the tools are different. 

I also sell my original artwork (acrylic and ink on canvas) as well as ART SCARVES, available in three sizes, which are based on my own original artwork.


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From photos, my portraits are painted either traditionally using acrylic paint and ink on either canvas or wood OR digitally using colored inks as well as traditional acrylic/medium.  My goal is to capture the likeness and character of every subject. Each portrait is archival quality, arrives ready to hang, 

Once in the queue the turnaround time is roughly four weeks. 


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Based on original artwork by Deb Pattyn, “Art Scarves” are available in several designs and in sizes 16″ square, 26″ square, and 36″ square.  Made out of a poly satin “charmeuse” blend fabric, they look and feel luxurious.

Available in bold and soft color palettes,  they are designed to appeal to any horse or animal lover and make an excellent gift idea. 


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Original traditionally hand painted artwork,  exclusively in acrylic paint and ink on very smooth canvas or wood panel is also available. This is where I love to try different styles and color palettes, dependent on mood and subject. 

Each piece is archival, signed and arrives ready to hang. Shipping, if required will be extra.


Original Art For Sale

  Thank you so much Deb! You were amazing and great to work with on this project!  She loved it!

W Howie